Are You Ready To Make 100K?! 

Not only are you getting a personal coach and a network of other sellers on the same journey...

You're going to be learning MULTIPLE selling methods to boost your income!
It's not going to be easy, but I'll be with you every single step of the way. 

You're going to learn all the proper methods to go from Candidate to lean, mean, eCom machine in a matter of weeks!

In a few months, you could be bringing in 5 or even 6-figures every single month with your newfound skills.

Are You Ready To Make 100K?! 

Here's How the Training Works:

6+ Weeks Of Intense Ongoing eCom Training:

You're going to be learning everything from how to flip free items on Craigslist to dropshipping on Amazon. EVERYONE is here to learn! No more feeling like you're left out because someone has a bit more experience than you. This is a team effort!

Value: $4,997

For those that need more after the initial 6 weeks, more training is going to constantly be added so you can take advantage of new skills! 

FREE Chromebook For Each Candidate:

You're going to be learning everything from how to flip free items on Craigslist to dropshipping on Amazon and Shopify. EVERYONE starts at the same point! No more feeling like you're left out because someone has a bit more experience than you. This is a team effort!

Value: $247

EXCLUSIVE Personal Mentorship: 

Imagine having an all-access pass to me! This isn't some course where a guru takes your hard earned cash and you never hear from them again. You'll have a direct line to me whenever you need help! No man(or woman) is left behind! Training is only as good as the mentor that provides it. Teaching yourself is one of the hardest things anyone could ever do. Why do things the hard way when you have someone who's committed to your success?

Value: $9,997

Think You're An eCom Badass:

Then prove your chops in "The Gauntlet!" Each month two students get to go head-to-head on the platform of their choice. If you think you're a money making ace then put up your results against another Candidate and let's see what you're made of! The winner gets themselves a FREE iPad.

Value: $797

In-Person Masterminds:

What better way to learn than in-person! A few times a year you'll be invited to come network together and have the chance to learn from me LIVE in the flesh! Having the chance to interact face-to-face can often make all the difference in your journey. What good is a mentor who passes you off to some "coach."

Value: $6,997

Roughnecks Only Facebook Group: 

Having a way to network with others is ALWAYS important when building out your core group of influencers. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals on the same money making mission is going to be imperative! No one gets left behind, NO ONE!

Value: $297

Roughnecks Only Telegram Group: 

For the ones that need "instant gratification" there's our private Telegram group. When you need to reach out to the other Roughnecks right away, then this is where you'll want to be!

Value: $197

There's even more than that, but you'll be required to prove you have what it takes to see it all!

Total Value: $23,529

Amazon Private Label Dropshipping First Sale in Quarter Four

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Exclusive FREE Perks Included For Candidates!
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  • In person "field trainings" where I pay for the mansion and you just show up to learn!
  • Random gifts each month just for being a Roughneck!
  • ​LIVE sessions inside of the "Candidates Only" Facebook group.
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Full Money Back Guarantee!
I'm so confident that if you follow my steps, you can and WILL be successful! But if that's not the case, then there's always a money-back guarantee**! Your hard earned money is valuable, just as much as your time is. If you truly can't break into e-commerce with this training, then you deserve your money back!
**Refunds will be given in the event that the candidate has looked over no more than 20% of the training material and no Part 2 of any section within the initial 7 days. Any refund beyond that point will be discretionary**
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