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What Are We Going To Do For You?

What Does The Automation Process Look Like?

How Much Does It Cost?

With any online e-commerce store, there’s always room for growth. Imagine increasing your return and making 8 to 12 percent on $100,000 revenue each month while also automating the process.

Now, imagine how to do just that with the help of 

 who has helped thousands make money online. 

That’s what you get with THE Roughnecks. 

There are no gimmicks. 
No promises of a six-figure payout within the first month.

We strive for consistent ROI so that you can build a business that is compliant with Amazon regulations, and one that garners you consistent revenue that builds each month.

Amazon Automation at its Best

" At The Roughnecks, we believe in simplifying the process of making money on Amazon for each and every client ".
That involves handling every single aspect of your Amazon account – from top to bottom – and start to finish. You sit back and we make you money. 

However, what separates us from other companies, is that we don’t artificially inflate your profit margins. We show you a realistic way to consistently earn revenue with an automated Amazon store, that ultimately can gain your store recognition and respect. 

By automating your Amazon workflow, you enhance the customer experience with a one-stop shop that offers complete automation with product selection and customer service. 

How Can THE Roughnecks Help You?

" The Roughnecks are pleased to offer all of the Amazon automation expertise required to boost your profits, minimize your workflow and provide you with a stellar reputation on the platform. We have the experience, the know-how and the results to prove it ".
Choose from either of our 2 different payment structures from The Roughnecks to begin making more money on Amazon, WITHOUT a profit split. 

17,500 Payment automation program

Startup Price of

$ 17, 500 Cash or $17,500  BTC 

 Automation Payments for $17,500 Cash Or $17,500 BTC Provides You With: 
  • $9,000 yearly re-up fee
  • 100% Fully automated Amazon store
  • Direct access to the team
  • You keep 100% of profits each month
  • ​​We handle all aspects of customer service
  • No suspension support
If you’re looking for a hands-off option that puts money in your pocket, consider the Fully Automated services from Roughnecks

$30,000 Payment automation program

Startup Price Of

$ 30, 000 Cash Or $27,500 BTC

One Time Payment Of $30,000 In Cash Or $27,500 In BTC Provides You With: 
  • An automated storefront run by The Roughnecks that includes handling of orders, contacts, suppliers and suspensions
  • ​A team that handles all aspects of customer service
  • 100% of profits for you each month
  • ​Just $6,000 yearly re-up fee

results are everything

Get Ready to Make Money on Amazon 

You don’t have to go it alone. Instead, consistently increase your profits with Amazon automation led and managed by The Roughnecks. 
Our team is experienced in how to make money on Amazon and how to fully automate an Amazon store so it performs at an optimal level and garners consistent results. 

Meanwhile, you can sit back, relax and collect the payouts while the Roughnecks team automates your Amazon store and teaches you how to maintain consistent returns on investment. 


I thought dropshipping was illegal on Amazon?!

Dropshipping is NOT illegal on Amazon when done properly within the terms of service. We've been doing it for 5+ years on Amazon without issue.

How much capital do I need?

Initially, the first 1-3 months you'll need minimum $3,500 on a credit/debit card. We prefer $5,000+. By the time months 9-12 come around, it's expected you have minimum $15,000+

What If my account gets suspended?

In the unfortunate that your account does get suspended we handle all the work. We call in the big guns and partner up with one of the BEST appeal services in the space. Everything gets handled from start to finish by our team.

But XYZ company said their margins are 129387%?!

The margins are the margins. You're looking at 8-12% on gross profit each month. So if you're doing 100,000 in sales, you can expect roughly $8,000 in net profit. It will NOT always be the case. Some months you may only see 4%, but that's the way the ball bounces in eCommmerce. 

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